Welcome to Yuanzicun/Wulong/Dongchuan/Kunming/Yunnan/CHINA/Asia/Worldcomprehensive bio-farm project.

We are also across languages.

You can opt for four  languages through  the icon on the top right of this page.  Please be aware that the contend of these pages might not be strictly identical.  We are moving with different people who feel themselves more at home in one of these languages and will express themselves fully as they feel in the pages they belong to.  Translation will adjust and follow as well as possible.  Follow these, with closed eyes in a way, with  inspiration, breath, expect surprises, immense respect, love and diversify at every possible corners.

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    Kabissa/YUANZICUN is a project, a commitment. It’s a way of life. A new way to think about the future. Building an eco house, producing organic crops and engaging with the local community.
    A place to meditate/A place for artists to dwell into nature for inspirational rejuvenation/A place to recover from stress and burn out/A window case for cleantec  and ec0-innovation in agriculture.

    The project
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    Ambassador Nijs opted for early retirement in China to serve the global community. Obsessed with integration, he has always wanted to make himself useful. His new challenge is China: Integration of the world into China and China into the world. YUANZICUN is for him the ultimate place conjuring up a lifetime experience.

    About Us
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    Chronicles of Wulong is the best way to keep in touch with this project and everyone involved in it. This is about a multidimensional project with personal/psychological, social, cultural and economical aspects that we will fairly report in these chronicles.  Let us know whether your are interested to receive these  personalised updates.  One click away.

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    Ecology is central.
    We will uphold this dimension deep in the country side.
    We wish to serve as a windowcase for organic farming, clean technologies for small farming and residential units.  We will advertise for you in partnership on this website.
    Let yourself known to us right now.

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    There are 100+ ways to get involved in this project. Come and join us. Help us write tomorrow’s world in green and on a cooperative way.  We are looking for partners, artists, visitors, producers in organic farming and cleantec for remote small farming and residential units.  Let us know you.  One click away.

    Get involved
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    Join and understand a world family.
    This is part of Yuanzicun’s/Kabissa  vision.
    This is part of Minyan and Patrick’s call and life project.

    Who Are We

KABISSA latest news

What would be the univers without the planet Earth?
What would be the planet Earth without Men?
What would be Men without each of us?

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The following website has been carefully composed in 2012 when Kabissa started. It outlines a vision. 7 years later : the shabby little, tumbling building, we loved so much, that was accessed by a dirt track that a normal car could barely take is turned into a solid 7 bedrooms place with an easy access; the hidden hut without water and electricity will be very soon completed as a comfortable house. 

We had to do a lot of concession regarding the eco-building. It was way too expensive so we went with the villagers as they can do. Our house is built with local resources using techniques people use. And of course, we brought our touch. 

Patrick will very soon shift his focus from constantly travelling consultancy to becoming the farmer he wants to be basically. He will join Minyan on the hill up there. Minyan did this all when Patrick was away making the dream of Kabissa come true. In September, we will update this website, re-light this candle and bring progressively patricknijs.org on the backburners keeping the best of this 7 years consultancy journey. 

See you there !